Have you ever heard the saying, "think outside the box"? 

Of course you have. It is one of more frequently utilized "challenges" in the workplace ("Come on people! We need to think outside of the box!"), a consistent compliment for a creative person ("Wow! She really thinks outside the box"), and as a default excuse for not coming up with a good idea (Sorry Bill, I just don't think outside the box."). 

It is ever present in our modern lexicon. 

And it is one of the worst ways to approach creative thinking. Ever. 

We want to let you in on a little secret.... There is no box. It doesn't exist. The box is a modern form of magical thinking and it represents everything that is holding back your true creative potential. 

We can help you remove the magic, demystify the creative process, and learn to put your imagination to work! Through personal coaching or weekend workshops our thoroughly tested methodologies can help you recover what was stolen from you along the way - your creativity

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About the Coaches:

 The Artist in his Studio

The Artist in his Studio

Jacob Breeden

I am a self-employed working artist, a business owner, a father to three and a husband to one. I have dedicated my working life to the creation of art and an ongoing obsession with the crazy idea that an artist can make a living doing what they are good at. I hold a degree in Sculpture from the University of North Texas. I am a sculptor, a painter, an illustrator, a graphic designer, a writer, a coach and a teacher. I have been making art for over 15 years and have sold hundreds of works all around the country (and plan to tackle world next). I have works in the private collections of banks, universities, and medical facilities.

Along with my amazing wife I co-own and operates Process Art House, LLC. I teach all major forms of art making (except photography and printmaking - but I know people who do), public speaking, marketing and design, creativity, art history, therapeutic art making, and more. I believe art making is one of the purest forms of problem solving. I enjoy sharing the lessons my studio has taught me with all who are willing to listen. 

 The Author Shipping Books

The Author Shipping Books

Jody Holland

I work with teams, individuals, for-profit, not-for-profit, and those who simply wish for a profit in order to help them achieve more success through their people. I have seen the power of having the right people in place and the devastation of having the wrong ones on a team.  I believe in the power of possibility when it comes to teams and work whole-heartedly to help organizations achieve their highest levels of potential. I am a writer, a fighter, and a business ignitor. I work with entrepreneurs to help them put the spark in their eyes and the fire in their bellies to dig deep and find the will to push on regardless of whether or not anyone else is willing to work with them.

I challenge people to be true, to be strong, and to be positive in all that they do on moment by moment basis. In the end, none of our resume's will matter, but our actions will leave a ripple effect in our world. It is my absolute intention to leave as big of a positive ripple in this world as I can.