Guidelines for Artists

All artists who apply will be considered for both solo and group exhibitions. Proposals in all media are welcome. Please include the following materials as part of your submission:

  1. Curriculum vitae, including all current contact information.

  2. Artist's statement.

  3. Support materials (i.e. 15 slides with a slide list, video or audio tape, CD-ROM or DVD and/or URLs for Internet-based works).

    Please submit digital files to these specifications: .jpg PC-compatible files, at a resolution of 72 dpi - 300dpi, with a maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels, of 500 KB (0.5 MB) maximum. Save images on a CD-ROM or DVD or email them to

    Please submit video files that can be accessed with either QuickTime, RealPlayer, Shockwave, Windows Media Player or Flash.

In the event that the proposed artworks have not yet been produced, please provide a detailed description of the intent in addition to support material featuring past work.

PAH is not responsible for lost or damaged submissions. Please do not submit original slides, artwork or master VHS tapes and DVDs. Please label and cue all tapes. If you want to have your support material returned, you must include a self-addressed envelope with the required postage. Please remember to contact the gallery if you have a change of address and/or telephone number.

Please send any materials to:

Process Art House
700 South Van Buren
Amarillo, TX 79101


Email to: