Concept drawing from Dan Purdy, Assoc. AIA SPM Architects for the WTAMU Enterprise Center

                                                    Concept drawing from Dan Purdy, Assoc. AIA SPM Architects for the WTAMU Enterprise Center

Spatial Design is a new, cutting edge discipline offered at PAH. Spatial design combines the concepts of the traditional disciplines of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and public art to bring your brand or corporate culture into a physical reality people can fully experience. 

Emphasis is placed on people and their interactions with the space. PAH works to create an environment designed to generate a deeper personal experience of the brand or culture our clients wish to achieve.

PAH works with every principle of the project, beginning first and foremost by evaluating the needs and vision of you, our client. From there our team works with the architects, contractors, interior designers, and landscape designers to achieve cohesion of design and adherence to the budget. 

Concept Design

Spatial Evaluation

  • Extensive Photography
  • Blueprint Evaluation
  • Current Street Level Access Evaluation
  • Lighting Evaluation
  • Current Interior Structure Evaluation

Audience Evaluation

  • Defining Ideal Potential Audience
  • Defining Current Obstacles to Audience

Design Solutions

First Impression Solutions

  • Exterior Facade Design Concepts
  • Landscape Architecture Concepts

Audience First Encounter Solutions

  • Lobby Space Concept Design
  • Spatial Mood Concept Design

Audience Experience Solutions

  • Lighting Design Concepts
  • Color Theory Concepts
  • Traffic Flow Concepts
  • Space Usage Concepts
  • Art in the Space

Design Package Costs

Our rate for concept design is based upon the square foot of space to be addressed, the scope of the project, number of concepts requested and level of involvement required by the PAH team. 

A down payment of 20% is due upon signing. The remaining balance is due in installments determined by achievement benchmarks set at contract signing.

What You Get

1-3 concepts for your space which include:

  • Written description of the overall concept- Art Plan
  • Exterior Concept- Visual representations of the concept
  • First Encounter Concept - Conceptual drawings
  • Audience Experience Concept- Mood boards
  • Audience Evaluation- Art Samples
  • Lighting Plan

PAH will work to make your vision into a reality. Your fully developed concept will save you time and money as your project develops!


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