Process Art House is artist owned, artist operated, and artist centered. That being said...

Welcome to Process Art House.

But actually, I want to say welcome to the process. The creative process.

Creativity lies within us all. But over our lifetimes we are taught to see creativity as some form of magic. From an early age we are taught that if we are not able to draw a perfect tree, or sing at the perfect pitch, sell every piece of art we create, or master every chord on the guitar on the first try- then we shouldn't bother trying. This is a tragic misconception.

When we fail to recognize the power of our own creativity, we are underestimating our own true potential. Whether you long to paint like Rembrandt, sculpt like Michelangelo, or just want to create a powerful brand for your business - you hold within yourself the capacity and the ability to do so. Creativity is not magic. Creativity is just another form of work.

Here at Process Art House, our team of artists and teachers specialize in guiding you through the steps needed to tap into your own creative mind - to discover the ultimate creative vision that you have for yourself, your business, or your life.

We can't promise that you'll become the next great star of the art world or that your business will take over the world tomorrow - but we can give you the tools you need to take the first steps towards your personal goals.

Whether you want to show your art, build your business through branding designed to match your vision, participate in creating a logo and website that truly reflects your personality, learn to paint, draw, illustrate, sculpt or is all possible with the proper team at your side. Process Art House provides the team and the space for you at a surprisingly affordable cost. We will help you put your creativity to work today! 

Jacob Breeden
Founder and CEO of Process Art House, Teacher, and Working Artist