Is Art Rental Worth the Price?

Moving into your dream house may be high on your bucket list, but after you move in, you will quickly realize how important it is to have the proper decor in order to make your house really feel like a home. After all, looking around your brand-new home only to find stark white walls staring back at you can be slightly disappointing when compared with the picture of your dream home you had in your mind. It is easy enough to realize that your home needs some “finishing touches,” but the cost of adding tasteful décor can be excessive, especially if you have just taken out a large mortgage.

Your new home will need furniture, window treatments, and last but not least, decor or artwork to bring your own personality into your home’s design. What happens if you simply can’t afford to decorate your home once you move in? Do you continue to live with bare walls indeterminably? It’s true that one option is waiting until you can afford to buy the pieces that you want to include in your home’s decoration scheme. This option will see you buying one piece at a time as you can afford them. You may be able to decorate one room per year at this rate. This decoration option may work for some people who happen to have a lot of patience.

Another option for those who are more eager to decorate, is renting artwork at a much lower cost than buying the high-end pieces that you may desire. The question arises when contemplating renting artwork: is it actually worth the money? Luckily, today there are many different options when it comes to renting art pieces for your home. Depending on your budget, your lifestyle, your art preferences, and how much you want to spend on art work specifically, you can most assuredly find the art rental plan that works for you and is, indeed, worth the money.

Much like Netflix allows you to borrow movies and return them at a much cheaper price than you would pay to buy and own the movies personally, art houses in many major cities across the US are using the same business model to offer you artwork at a steep discount. Whether you choose from artwork created by emerging artists (these options will be much cheaper) or more established artists will depend upon your budget. Often times the more expensive art rental choices are geared toward corporations or show and movie producers rather than individuals.

Art rental options today are so wide and varied that you will definitely be able to find what you’re looking for in order to make your home feel welcoming until you are able to afford to make the artwork on your walls permanent. In fact, many art rental companies today allow you to borrow art on a “rent to own” basis, which may be a smart and budget friendly for many young couples and young professionals looking to decorate their new pads.