Art Rental

What is Art Rental? 

Do you want to add some personality to your home’s walls but cannot afford the high cost of original, high-end artwork? Process Art House feels strongly that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of high quality art pieces, regardless of their budget. Our art rental program offers a great design solution for virtually everyone.

The concept of renting art has actually been around for a while, and Process Art House is extremely excited to be able to offer residents (both homeowners and renters) and business owners (of all types and sizes) an art rental program of our own. We are pleased to have art rental clients from all walks of life - ranging from young art enthusiasts decorating their first apartments to experienced collectors looking to add some variety to their already impressive collection.

If you are a young art enthusiast, renting art gives you the freedom to explore a wide variety of original artwork in your own home or apartment so that you can decide what type(s) of art you find most appealing. We give you the option of renting artwork for small periods of time (30 days) to as long as you require or desire. Renting pieces of our original, unique artwork will cost you only a small fraction of the actual cost of the purchase price charged by the artist.

On the flip side, if you are an experienced art collector, you can also benefit from the concept of art rental. Although it is likely that you already have quite an impressive art collection of your own, as a seasoned collector, you can use art renting programs to explore new artists or artwork that may differ from your usual style.

Additionally, the art rental concept works extremely well for real estate agents who need to stage a home that is listed for sale. The ability to decorate the walls with several stunning works of art can make a big difference in the appeal of any home, potentially making for quicker turn-around times.

Other professionals who will benefit from Process Art House’s art rental program include interior designers, because they must present an impeccable, sophisticated office space in order to wow their potential clients. By frequently rotating office décor, they can continue to impress repeat customers. Additionally, theater, television and movie set designers can rent artwork for the duration of a show or movie – simply returning the rental when it is no longer needed. This can significantly cut down on expenses when compared to paying the full purchase price for art.

Of course, you can certainly enjoy renting artwork regardless of your profession! Many busy families don’t have the time required to choose wall art for their entire home. Plus, the thought of buying even one pricey piece can be very overwhelming if you’re on a budget. Going the art rental route will allow you to “sample” an array of different types of artwork in order to determine what you like best and what looks most flattering in your home.

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