Art Leasing

 Installation at the Proffer Surgical Associates Building. Works from Christian Price Frazer.

Installation at the Proffer Surgical Associates Building. Works from Christian Price Frazer.

What is Art Leasing? 

Leasing artwork can be the perfect solution to the interior design or collecting needs for you or your business.  

Process Art House is proud to offer our leasing program to residences and businesses of all sizes, styles and budgets. In this program original works of art art are leased to you in cycles, allowing you to ensure that your space is continually refreshed and revitalized. Frequent visitors will feel the added dynamism this adds to the atmosphere, and you will give the impression of being always up-to-date as older works are replaced by contemporary ones. You can also change the artwork around as you alter the other furnishings of the room, meaning you will always have the art that is right for the appearance of the room.

You may be unsure about what kind of artwork you are looking for, and what sort of effect you want to produce. By leasing art, you can try out different styles for finite periods of time, enabling you to see just what kind of effect each one has on the room.

Leasing is an excellent option for companies or families who love good artwork and variety, but have a budget to consider. The costs can be factored in as a regular monthly fee, representing far less outlay than would be the case with buying works outright.

If it happens that when you have seen a certain piece and you fall in love with it (it does happen!) and do not want to return it at the end of the leasing period, you can extend the lease or purchase the work with the leasing costs deducted from the price of the work.

Leasing is a solution that has been embraced by many well-known companies and individuals, and we encourage you to consider it as a possibility for yourself and your home or office space!

Leases come in 3, 6, or 12 month rotations as well as 24 month lease to own option! We also offer short run leases for your home staging needs. Whether you need a signature piece for a social event or several pieces for staging a home, we can help. Short term leases can run from an evening to a few weeks. It's all about what you need the art to do. 

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Why Lease Art?

Leased Art Presents an Interesting and Always Changing Environment for Guests - Lease rotations offer you and your guests a fresh and exciting experience.

Conservation of Capital - The capital conserved, while leasing art as an operating expense, can be utilized for other capital expenditures.

Tax Benefits - An operating lease may allow 100% of the monthly payment to be included as an operating expense.  Bank financing would allow only the interest costs to be included as operating expenses.  Be sure to consult your tax advisor.

Conservation of Credit - A lease is not a loan. Borrowing reduces lines of credit. Leasing is an operating expense and hence, allows the customer increased borrowing capacity. 

Off Balance Sheet Financing - An operating lease keeps the debt, and the corresponding asset, off the company's balance sheet. Therefore, borrowing debt covenants are circumvented, financial ratios are enhanced, and borrowing capacity is increased.

Flexible Financing - Our leasing provides fixed rates as a percentage of the value of the combined art based on the length of your lease term with specially structured terms to accommodate the specific needs of the company.