Welcome to Process Art House.

Whether you want to see some art, enhance your world through art brokered to match your vision, or expand your own career as an artist, Process Art House provides the team and the resources you need to make it happen. 

Current Show

Last Waltz

6.13.14 - 7.6.14

Carlos' work is an original, poignant, and powerful reflection of how he sees the world. To do this with consistency is the mark of a true artist.

On a personal note, we would like to thank Carlos and his wife for all they have done for the arts in our region and the Art House. Much of what we have accomplished here at PAH was born over copious amounts of coffee and long conversations between Carlos, Rhoda, and myself. We can honestly say this place would not be what it is without him. 

There is No Box

Creativity Training and Personal Coaching

Jody Holland and Jacob Breeden

Jacob Breeden and Jody Holland have a secret to share with you... There Is No Box. That means you don't have to think outside of it. In fact, you can't think outside of it - because it isn't real. Jacob and Jody have extensive experience training professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, managers, sales people, professional creatives, accidental creatives and just about everyone in between how to tap into their creative potential and fully develop their skills in order to excel in all that they do. Click Here to find out more!