We are Process Art House

We are an artist centered, full service, concierge art services center located in Downtown Amarillo, Texas. PAH offers a broad range of services for artists, patrons, educators, medical professionals, interior designers, corporate offices, entrepreneurs, and anyone else engaged in or interested in the world of fine art and design.

We are brokers and gallerists. We are teachers and coaches. We are builders. We are modern creators.

From our gallery in Amarillo we feature works from artists on the High Plains and around the globe. We focus primarily on emerging talent, seeking out artists with unique and diverse voices that work in a wide range of styles and mediums. We offer solo shows to individual artists on a monthly basis and two juried group shows each year to showcase the incredible talent that surrounds us every day. Fine art is available to you through art sales, art leasing, or art rental

Our art leasing program is available to residences and businesses of all sizes, styles and budgets. In this program original works of art are leased to you in cycles, allowing you to ensure that your space is continually refreshed and revitalized. Frequent visitors will feel the added dynamism this adds to the atmosphere, and you will give the impression of being always up-to-date as older works are replaced by contemporary ones. Artwork can be changed as you alter the other furnishings of the room, meaning you will always have the art that is right for the appearance of the room.

Our gallery space is available for events, parties, corporate lunches or cocktail hours, receptions, or a weekend brunch. We offer a variety of art for you to choose from and a comfortable, clean and compelling space to serve your event needs.

PAH offers fine art consultation, legal art appraisal, creativity coaching, and private art lessons. Whether you want to learn how to draw and paint, how to tap into your creative mind, or utilize art in your commercial or medical space to fully engage your clientele, PAH has a consultant for you. Innovation and creativity are the foundation our economy was built upon. We combine our skills as creatives and business people to develop programming specifically tailored to suit the needs of you or your organization.

PAH and our team of creatives design, engineer, develop and build a wide variety of products from fireplace screens to massive scale public sculpture. We work with sculptors, painters, muralists, photographers, ceramists, glass artists, landscape architects, and contractors. With our team of creatives, if you can dream it – we can build it.

Process Art House openly embraces new technologies and the impact they have on our capacity as creators. We utilize top of the line engineering software, 3D printing technology, modern lighting and power options, cloud based technology, and state of the art production equipment to continually expand our abilities to develop and realize new products and services. Our team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry (and only partially because we really LOVE new toys).

At Process Art House, we believe all people deserve access to great art and design and with our team of deeply talented creatives, we will make your dreams come to life! Our mission at Process Art House is to make high end art and design available to people of all walks of life while making it possible for creative people to earn a living doing what they do best. We bring creative people together in a space designed for innovation and make the product of their innovation available to you.

If you would like to find out more about what we offer, please contact us by phone, email, or in person by dropping into our Amarillo headquarters.