Welcome to Process Art House.

Whether you want to see some art, enhance your world through art brokered to match your vision, or expand your own career as an artist, Process Art House provides the team and the resources you need to make it happen. 

Current Show

More Than Meets the Eye

4.11.14 - 5.2.14

Process Art House is proud to feature our next solo artist, Jeff Sims.

Jeff's work is an amazing study in composition, color and style that displays a unique mastery his chosen medium of acrylic emulsion. His lines and colors vibrate in way that is highly reminiscent of great Jazz music. 

We are excited to present this work to you. It represents a style unlike anything we've shown at PAH before. 

PAH Featured Artist of the Month

Daniel Owen Stolpe

Painter, Printmaker, Sculptor

Dan Stolpe has devoted his entire life to exploring the traditional spiritual and aesthetic culture of Native Americans and bringing that tradition to renewed contemporary expression in dramatic and expressive monotypes, woodcuts, serigraphs, etchings, and paintings.